Best JEE coaching’s in Sikar [2023]

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Take the best JEE coaching in Sikar from such a place where you get everything well. Good coaching will help you to crack the IIT entrance exam..e JEE Mains & JEE Advanced with a high rank.

If you want to do your JEE coaching from class 11th, or want to start your early preparation or as a dropper-Doesn’t matter! You should look for the best coaching institute in Sikar for JEE. These institutes will help you to understand your weak points, clear your doubts and make sure you are ready to take the JEE exam with full confidence.

In this, we have shared our detailed review covering all the best coaching for JEE.

Here, find the comprehensive list of Sikar’s best JEE coaching centers, which offer top-notch NEET faculty and amenities at a reasonable fee.

Is Sikar good for JEE Coaching?

Sikar has become a great option for JEE coaching in the past couple of years. People from Sikar no longer have to travel to faraway cities like Kota to prepare for competitive exams like JEE/IIT/NEET/NDA. The top institutes in Sikar have achieved impressive results in the JEE exam and have produced numerous engineers for India. Therefore, it is clear that Sikar is one of the best places to prepare for IIT/JEE.

Sikar’s Best Institutes For JEE Preparation


You will find many JEE coaching option in Sikar. But visiting each of the NEET coaching centers that are in Sikar on your own seems a bit difficult. To make it easier for you, we have thoroughly checked all the coaching institutes.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best JEE coachings of Sikar that you may consider while shortlisting the best one.

Let’s check the Ranks of Sikar’s best JEE coachings;

The above seven best JEE coaching in Sikar that we have shared above are the winners among all JEE institutes. You can also read our reviews of each institute which will also help you in deciding which JEE coaching institute is best for you or your child in Sikar.

Things to know about the best JEE IIT Coaching in Sikar

We have shared the things that parents and students need to know while considering an institute the best. We have also included these things while shortlisting and reviewing of each coaching institute for JEE in Sikar for you. Now, review those points that we have shared below and included in our survey while scoring JEE coachings.

  • Students’ and parents’ reviews
  • Faculties education background, teaching method, expertise in IIT, experience
  • Results performance
  • Institutes Facilities
  • Students’ Placement in IIT colleges

We have followed all the above points and compared each of the IIT/JEE Coachings in Sikar to give you the correct rankings.

Students & Parents Review

When selecting any coaching, academy and school, it is important to take into account the reviews from both students and parents. Hence, we have collected some of the reviews from parents and their students. This provides us a comprehensive perspective on the quality of the course structure, teaching methods, and the support provided by the coaching institute.

The feedback we got from the both parents and students also helped us to ensure that the IIT-JEE institutes we have shortisted is providing the best possible education and guidance to its students. Additionally, it also provide us the insight into the overall atmosphere of the each coaching institute in Sikar for JEE preparation and the level of satisfaction of its students.

Quality of Fcaulty

In this section, we have examined the engineering faculty of each coaching center, including their qualifications, experience, and other credentials, to ensure they are qualified to provide the best instruction possible. The educational background of a coaching institute’s faculty is an important factor to consider when selecting the best institute for IIT/JEE preparation.

The best institutions will have a mix of faculty members with both a wealth of experience, as well as those with more good qualifications. Furthermore, the behavior and patience of the faculty should also be taken into account, as well as the teaching methods used.

Results Performance

We have checked each institutes results consistency and their success stories.To get a real view of these five best IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Sikar, we have analyzed their performance in tough exams such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced. We have accordingly determined how many students have been selected and have secured top ranks in the respective exams.

Institutes Facilities

We have taken into account the cost of their coaching and the services offered to students at each of the top 5 JEE coaching institutes in Sikar when assigning scores to them. At Sikar, the cost of JEE coaching is similar across all coaching institutes, therefore it is important to evaluate what services are included in the fee structure before making any decisions.

Students Secured Seat in IIT College

In this, we have checked that out of the students who have passed the exam from these institutes, how many students have got a place in IITs and good institutes?

About The best JEE coaching institutes in Sikar

In this section, we provide you with an in-depth overview of five of the best institutes that can help you ace the JEE exam. We will provide an analysis of each institute’s strengths and weaknesses, along with an overview of their teaching staff, course materials, and other features.

Matrix JEE Academy

This institute provides the best coaching for JEE/IIT/NEET/Pre-Foundation in Sikar. Matrix JEE Academy ranks #1 on our list of top IIT Coaching. This institute is popular as it has top-rated IIT faculty and mentors for its students. Their result performance is indeed so spectacular that no institute in Sikar can match the Matrix JEE Academy results.


Matrix JEE Academy as a JEE Coaching in Sikar:

  • Matrix students got the highest AIR rank in JEE exams
  • Matrix JEE students have got admission to a top engineering college in India like IIT
  • Offers Matrix E-Learning app for its students
  • Highly-qualified IITians are mentors
  • They have achieved many success stories and aim to deliver outstanding results year after year
  • They want to make education easy with the help of their highly qualified JEE faculty team
  • Distribute daily worksheets and PDF files in the classroom
  • The regularly updated study material of Matrix Academy is unique because they customize it as per the performance of their students
  • Matrix Academy offers many courses due to which it has become the first best JEE Coaching center in Sikar

In fact, many students have got the opportunity to work with well-known companies like Amazon in foreign countries like the USA, Tokyo, and Japan.

Sikar JEE InstituteMatrix JEE Academy
Ratings4.8/5 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Address:Piprali Rd, opposite Ganpati Plaza, Jat Colony, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001
Contact No:01572 241 911
Teachers and Students RatioGreat
ResultsBest Results every year
JEE FacultyTop Engineering Faculty in India
Sikar IIT coaching feesAffordable
Facilities Individual Doubts sessions, regular PTM, test series, tests every week, surprise tests, performance analysis, and more.

The efforts of the Matrix faculty and mentors have guided all the students. The management’s dedication over the years has led Matrix Academy to be the A1 best jee coaching in Rajasthan. If you are looking for an institute in Sikar with the No.1 faculty in India, then you must visit Matrix Academy.

Also, other JEE coachings are also good but they have so many branches and it is difficult to say which branch is good and which is not. However, Matrix Academy has no other branch except Sikar and they are fully dedicated to the performance, results, and goals of their Sikar students.

Career Line Coaching (CLC) Sikar

CLC (Career Line Coaching) Sikar is very much liked by the parents because the director of this institute Shravan Choudhary not only talks well but also motivates the children in a passionate way. We have placed this institute at Rank #2 on our list. This institute offers IIT/JEE/NEET coaching for its engineers and doctors aspirants.

  • CLC has five more branches in India apart from CLC in Sikar
  • This institute has the average faculty of Sikar
  • Achieved great results in JEE and NEET (but result consistency is not stable)
  • Offers CLC Sikar mobile app for its students
  • Conduct Regular Tests
  • They have mixed engineer faculty for JEE students(freshers and some experienced)
Sikar JEE Institute Career Line Coaching (CLC)
Ratings4.5/5 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Address:“KARMASTHALI” Pandit Harinath Chaturvedi Marg, Piprali Rd, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001
Contact No:01572 255 500
Teachers and Students RatioGood
ResultsGood Results in JEE Exams
JEE FacultyWell-Qualified Engineering Faculty in Sikar
Sikar IIT coaching feesAffordable
FacilitiesPTM, test series, regular classes, etc

If you’re looking for an institute that motivates greatly, then you can choose CLC Sikar for your JEE coaching. They have good management and offer good facilities.

Gurukripa Career Institute (GCI)

Gurukripa Career Institute (GCI Sikar) also offers JEE preparation. They have two branches in India, one in Sikar and the other in Alwar. GCI also offer NEET/Pre-foundation coaching to their students apart from JEE coaching. We have placed Gurukripa Career Institute rank #3 in our list of IIT coaching centers in Sikar. They have a good faculty team in Sikar but the student queue is very long.

Sikar JEE Institute Gurukripa Career Institute (GCI Sikar)
Ratings4.4/5 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Address:Jyoti Nagar, Piprali Rd, Jat Colony, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001
Contact No:088751 24365
Teachers and Students RatioAverage
ResultsGood Results but the result consistency is not stable
JEE FacultyGood Engineering Faculty in Sikar
Sikar IIT coaching feesAffordable
FacilitiesPTM, test series, regular classes, digital classes, lectures, etc

If you want to get your child admitted to any institute which gives good coaching then you can choose GCI. However, their NEET results are much better than JEE results. They also have a high student ratio which means they may not able to solve each and every student query on time.

Allen Sikar (Allen Career Institute)

No doubt, Allen Career Institute is one of the good NEET/JEE coaching institutes in India. But not all Allen branches are the same. As compared to the facilities (goals, achievements, faculty) that Allen gives to his main branches (Kota, Delhi, Chandigarh), they don’t give to the rest of the branches. And Allen Sikar branch is also included in the other branches of Allen.

Allen Sikar has a good faculty team for their NEET students as compared to JEE like others (Matrix Academy has more top-rated and GCI also has well-qualified faculty).

Sikar JEE InstituteAllen Career Institute (Allen Sikar)
Ratings4.2/5 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Address:Near Piprali Circle, Jhunjhunu Bypass, Piprali Rd, Samrathpura, Rajasthan 332001
Contact No:074258 09333
Teachers and Students RatioAverage
ResultsAverage Results from this institute but the result consistency is not stable
JEE FacultyAverage Faculty of Sikar
Sikar IIT coaching feesAffordable
FacilitiesPTM, test series, regular classes, digital classes, lectures, etc

We have included this institute in our top list of Sikar’s JEE coaching because it is a branch of a reputed institute. They have achieved good results but consistency is average. You may also choose Allen Sikar for your JEE coaching if you are good academically and need only a little help from others.

PCP (Prince Career Pioneer)

Prince Sikar is very famous for its JEE/IIT/NEET/School/Polytechnic/B. Ed, they have no other branch outside in Sikar. However, they have many branches in Sikar. They provide all modern facilities to their students on all their campuses. If we talk about their results and the quality of education that PCP (Prince Sikar) is offering to its students then it’s not as good as the above JEE coachings are offering.

JEE Institute NamePrince Career Pioneer (PCP)
Ratings4.0/5 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Address: Palwas Road, Kalwaria Kunj, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001
Contact No:096108 92222
Teachers and Students RatioHigh
ResultsGood Results but the result consistency is not stable
JEE FacultyWell-Qualified Faculty of Sikar
Sikar IIT coaching feesAffordable
FacilitiesPTM, test series, regular classes, digital classes, lectures, etc

If you are OK with studying with high-strength of students in one classroom then you can choose PCP Sikar. Then, you may also consider the above top JEE coaching institutes.


If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming an engineer, you have to put in a lot of dedication and hard work as well as take the necessary steps to prepare for your JEE/IIT examinations. First, you should find the right coaching institute for yourself. We have listed the seven best JEE coaching in Rajasthan, so make sure to consider them in your selection process.

These are the best JEE preparation institutes.

Once you have shortlisted some institutes, it is important to visit them to determine which one best suits you or your child’s needs. Be prepared to ask questions about the institute and its offerings, and do not be afraid to ask for more information if necessary. Ultimately, it is important to ensure that you are making the best choice for your or your child’s future.

We found Matrix Academy, CLC, & GCI Sikar one of the best institutes for engineering entrance exam preparation in Sikar, Rajasthan.

If you like or have any queries regarding any coaching, let us know through the comment section.

If you also want to know who is the best NEET coaching in Sikar? Please check this blog also.

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