Top 10 IIT-JEE Coaching Centers in Sikar 2024: Ranking

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In today’s world, lots of students want to be engineers after finishing school. They aim for top colleges like the IITs. In Sikar, Rajasthan, many coaching centers help students get ready for engineering entrance exams like the IIT JEE. These centers provide good teaching and study materials to support students. Now, let’s see which coaching centers are ranked in the top 10 for IIT JEE coaching in Sikar, Rajasthan.

  • Matrix JEE Academy.
  • Allen Sikar.
  • CLC Sikar.
  • PCP-JEE/IIT Academy.
  • GCI Sikar
  • Aakash Institute, Sikar.
  • Kautilya IIT Academy.
  • Mach Academy.
  • Unacademy
  • Aayaam Academy

Overview of Top 5 IIT Coaching Sikar

Here, we’ve provided an overview of some of the top coaching institutes in Sikar. While there are over 20 institutes in Sikar town and nearby areas, we’ve compiled a selection for you to consider for demo classes and consultations before making your decision to join JEE coaching.

1. Matrix Academy

Matrix Academy in Sikar is well-known for its excellent performance in IIT-JEE coaching in Sikar, Rajasthan. People often call it Matrix Sikar. This coaching center is highly respected for its engineering and medical coaching programs in Sikar. Matrix is ranked 1st in Sikar, with an A++ grade. Over the years, Matrix Academy has improved its teaching methods to help students succeed.

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AddressPiprali Rd, opposite Ganpati Plaza, Jat Colony, Sikar, Samrathpura Rural, Rajasthan 332001
Courses Offered for CoachingIIT (JEE)/NEET-UG/Pre-Foundation
Rating4.8 out of 5

2. Allen Sikar

Allen Sikar is considered one of the top choices for JEE/IIT coaching in Sikar, after Matrix Academy. While Allen is widely recognized by its brand name and doesn’t require much introduction, in the context of Sikar, it can be seen as a reputable institute that performs well in exams and earns positive remarks within the local community. However, it’s worth noting that the reputation of Allen is often associated with its branches in other cities like Kota. So, you can choose this institute as a normal institute of Sikar.

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AddressNear Piprali Circle, Jhunjhunu Bypass, Piprali Rd, Samrathpura, Rajasthan 332001
Courses Offered for CoachingIIT (JEE)/NEET-UG/Pre-Foundation
Rating4.5 out of 5

3. CLC Sikar

CLC Sikar is considered one of the top options for JEE/IIT coaching in Sikar, securing the third position. This coaching center provides quality coaching and boasts excellent infrastructure. Additionally, it excels in motivating students to stay focused and on track toward their goals. With a grade of A, CLC Sikar stands out as a highly reputable institute for aspiring engineering students in the region.

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Addressकर्मस्थली, Pandit Harinath Chaturvedi Marg, Piprali Rd, Railway Station Colony, Sikar, Samrathpura Rural, Rajasthan 332001
Courses Offered for CoachingIIT (JEE)/NEET-UG/Pre-Foundation
Rating4.0 out of 5

4. PCP Sikar

Prince Sikar is another good option for IIT/JEE coaching in Sikar. The coaching institute provides good facilities to its students and has a qualified faculty team along with ample resources. While its selection rate may vary at times, it is generally considered a favorable choice among students. Prince Sikar is ranked 4th in Sikar, with a grading of B++, indicating its standing as a reputable coaching center in the region.

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AddressPalwas Rd, Kalwaria Kunj, Sikar, Rajasthan 332001
Courses Offered for CoachingIIT (JEE)/NEET-UG/Pre-Foundation
Rating4.2 out of 5

5. Gurukripa Sikar

GCI, also known as Gurukripa Career Institute, has gained recognition for producing favorable outcomes in JEE and NEET exams. It stands as another appealing option, holding the 5th position in Sikar with a B++ grade.

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AddressJyoti Nagar, Piprali Rd, Jat Colony, Sikar, Samrathpura Rural, Rajasthan 332001
Courses Offered for CoachingIIT (JEE)/NEET-UG/Pre-Foundation
Rating4.4 out of 5

Choose the Best Institute in Sikar for JEE/IIT

Choosing the best institute in Sikar for JEE/IIT coaching depends on various factors such as faculty expertise, teaching methodology, success rate, infrastructure, and student feedback. However, based on the information provided earlier, Matrix Academy seems to stand out as the top choice.

Success Rate:

  • Matrix Academy holds the 1st position in Sikar with an A++ grade, indicating consistent success in IIT-JEE coaching.
  • Allen Sikar, although not specifically ranked, is renowned for its brand name and success in coaching students for various competitive exams like JEE/IIT. Its success rate is well-established across its branches.
  • CLC Sikar ranks 3rd in Sikar with a B++ grade, showcasing a commendable success rate in preparing students for JEE/IIT exams.


  • Matrix Academy and Allen Sikar are both well-known and respected in the region for their engineering and medical coaching programs, signifying trust and reliability among students and parents.
  • CLC Sikar, although not as highly ranked, has a positive reputation for offering quality coaching with motivated faculty members.

Teaching Methodology:

  • Matrix Academy and Allen Sikar have refined and innovated their teaching methods over the years to effectively guide students toward success. They are committed to providing high-quality education and support.
  • CLC Sikar also emphasizes effective teaching methodologies to help students excel in JEE/IIT exams.


  • While specific details about infrastructure are not provided, it can be inferred that Matrix Academy, Allen Sikar, and CLC Sikar likely offer adequate facilities and resources to support student learning.


  • Matrix Academy holds an A++ grade, demonstrating excellence in various aspects such as teaching quality, student support, and overall performance.
  • Allen Sikar and CLC Sikar hold B++ gradings, indicating commendable performance and quality coaching.

In summary, Matrix Academy, Allen Sikar, and CLC Sikar emerge as top contenders for JEE/IIT coaching in Sikar. Each institute offers unique strengths and advantages, and students should carefully consider their individual preferences and requirements before making a decision.

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