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CLC Sikar is one of the caching centers that offer coaching for IIT/JEE/NEET preparation like other institutes are offering. If you want to know “How is CLC Sikar for your preparation?” you’re on the right page. We are here to share our review and details on Career Line Coaching.

Let’s start without any further delay:

CLC | Career Line Coaching

CLC is located at “KARMASTHALI” Pandit Harinath Chaturvedi Marg Piprali Road, Sikar, Rajasthan, 332001. It is in the same place where the rest of the institutes are also located. They have good building and good infrastructure. They offer all basic facilities like other institutes are offering. However, the thing that makes CLC famous is Er. Shravan Choudhary. He is the owner and the Director of CLC. He is known for its motivational speech and discipline.


How is CLC for NEET and IIT JEE Students?

Everyone have heard the name of CLC in Sikar. However, it’s a great choice for your NEET preparation or not , it depends on the requirements your study wants.

Let us explain in detail:

CLC has good infrastructure

CLC(Career Line Coaching) have good infrastructure, if you want to join a coaching center so that you can get a good place to study where you can enhance your focus. Then you may choose CLC coaching center. However, all of the institutes in Sikar has good infrastructure such as Allen, Matrix, and PCP.

They have good strength of students in NEET and JEE classes

If you want to study with a great number of students then CLC will be a good fit for you. Or, if you want that your query resolves on time then in this case you need to wait in CLC because they have god strength of students per class . Hence, it is difficult to say if your query will be resolved quickly all time.

CLC Sikar Teacher

Their 50% faculty are freshers and has experience not more than 3-4 years and rest of the senior faculty team has experience of 5-7 years. Hence, we can say that you will going to get an average faculty in CLC. They are good in behaviour and good at teaching also. But, if you want to study from Top medical and engineer faculty of Sikar, then you should explore the best NEET/JEE faculty in Sikar.


Want to know CLC Sikar Fees? The fee structure of CLC for NEET / JEE / Foundation / Target and XI, XII Foundation Coaching in Sikar is starting from Rs. 96,000 inclusive of GST. For more information: You should contact their management for that because we don’t want to share wrong information with you. However, from our review we can give you an idea that CLC is charging the same like other institutes of Sikar are charging. But we can also say that they are not providing as much facilities in the fee they are charging. So according to that they are charging high from students.

CLC Sikar Hostel Fees

The CLC hostel fee is approx. 40,000 to 50,000/ per annum but they are giving average facilities in this and it is also very affordable fee structure if we compare to others.

Admission 2022-23 at CLC Sikar

Taking admission in CLC is very easy you just need to contact their management or visit them during working hour. They will share the step by step procedure with you.

CLC Branches

CLC has 5 more branches in India apart from CLC in Sikar.

How is CLC?

Overall, CLC is a good place for students where they will get all the basic facilities they need to prepare for their exam. And, CLC teachers are also good and cooperative. If we talk about their result in JEE and NEET exams then in this you should compare all the previous results with other institutes. CLC is some few steps back in results stability (sometimes they get good results and sometimes not). or, we can say that their performance slope is not stable or balanced.


CLC or Career Line Coaching is a good option for those students who are willing to study at good crowd and needs little support from teachers. The good point about CLC is they will motivate you time to time and you will get a good discipline here. However, if you want to take your coaching from an institute that has top faculty team then you may also explore top 5 best institutes in Sikar.

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